Company Name ITRecEgypt Client
Job Field Print House 
Job Type Full Time
Job Description Extensive experience with `Drupal` framework architecture, modularity aspects. Extensive understanding of `Object Oriented` and functional programming using PHP. 3+ years hands-on experience or more in building Drupal modules and re-architecting existing modules. Extensive knowledge with SQL, optimizations, rewriting for enhancements. Hands-on experience with `Operating System` concepts, preferably UNIX/Linux. Hands-on experience with `Network` concepts. Technologies background in: PHP, MySQL, UNIX, Linux, XML, RPC, SOAP. Willing to work under extremely stressful work conditions and loads.
Offered Salary 5,500:8000LE
Submission Date 3/2011
Valid Untill 5/2011
Required Candidates
Education Bachelor's degree
Age Any
Gender Not Determined
Computer Skills .Good
Experience +4 years experience in the same field with good experience in Drupal
First Language Arabic
Second Language English
Nationality any
Additional Requirements Last salary , Recent picture if available
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