Company Name ITRecEgypt Client
Job Field Newspaper 
Job Type Full Time
Job Description Preparing budgets, financial reports, analyzing financial data, guiding the junior accountants in preparing accounts in accordance with accepted accounting and auditing principles and practices, organizing audits, complying with tax provisions and requirements, managing finances, and offering any financial advice as may be necessary to the manager; Complying with various laws, rules, and regulations that are applicable to the specific industry including accountancy and tax laws; Managing the business with prudent economic principles and practice Compliance with all the laws, deadlines, and legal requirements in so far as they relate to accounts and finance of the business; Filing financial reports and documents with the tax authorities and paying up taxes in time; Organizing all types of audits and tax audits; Organizing preparation of books of accounts in time for compliance with other statutory provisions; Ensuring that the accounting procedures being followed as per law and accepted standard or policy. Ensuring that the work of junior accountant is accurate and is available in time for audit; Keeping a regular and systematic vigil on finances of the business enterprise and optimizing the use of finance; Preparing monthly and annual accounts to monitor profits, and preparing projections and budgets for planning cash flows and profits To assist junior accountants, whenever in doubt such as differences between revenue account and capital accounts Developing databases that are not exactly recorded in the accounts packages; For example the extent of land sold out of total extent of land purchased, stock records, etc. Setting up control procedures at various levels to ensure that the information in the accounts does not vary with physical verification. Planning taxes
Offered Salary An amount of 3.000 - 4000LE as gross salary
Submission Date 4/2011
Valid Untill 5/2011
Required Candidates
Education BSC commerce
Age Any
Gender Not Determined
Computer Skills .Good
Experience 3-4 years experience.
First Language Arabic
Second Language English
Nationality any
Additional Requirements Last salary , Recent picture if available
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